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Here at People Search Now, we make everyday decision-making easy for you. We find people and people information, providing instant results and reports:

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If you wanted to find a person on your own, it can be a lot of work and very time-consuming. You might need to contact local county and city offices, and expand your search to many state and government agencies to locate records. This can take days, weeks, or even months. After all of that, you still may not find all of the records for the person you are looking for.

We aggregate billions of public records from across the United States. Yes, billions. Each person can have many records: phone records, address history, and criminal records. We match them together, to provide instant search results and reports with the information already organized for you. We use the same process and provide you with the same tools that private investigators and professionals use - at a fraction of the cost!

Locate people - unlimited searches & unlimited reports

Oftentimes, it takes more than one search, or you need to find more than one person. With unlimited searches and reports, you don't pay each time you want another report. Compare us against other services that charge for every report. With People Search Now, you choose your membership level based on your needs. This is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to:

  • Find people and current contact information
  • Identify unknown phone calls, or phone numbers on your phone bill
  • Run a background check
  • Reconnect with old friends and classmates
  • Learn more about your neighbors
  • Find family members you've lost touch with
  • Check whether the person you're dating has a criminal record
  • Research people who are around your family and kids (i.e. baseball coach, babysitter, school teacher, etc)